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Sponsor the 2022 Home Show

Marketing Sponsorships are available for the 2022 Home Builders Home Show May 14th & 15th at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

Marketing sponsorships cost $1,500 and the sponsor will receive: A
complimentary 8′ x 10′ home show booth, listing and mention in
home show advertising, and a complimentary 1⁄4 page advertisement in the online newsletter for 2022. The sponsorship revenue will be added to the Home Show marketing budget.

Contact Dennis Sweeney to register for sponsorship
(815) 962-1148

Current Sponsors:

Building Industry

Quick Action to Avoid Housing Downturn

The following is copied from a mass email from IL State Rep Allen Drewes sent to members of the Home Builders Association of Illinois on April 15th, 2022.

Good Afternoon Fellow HBAI Members,  

In the coming days you will see information coming from NAHB on an initiative to collect member signatures on a letter destined for the White House, urging the administration to take immediate action to address economic threats facing the housing industry.   

Our charge is to help get this in the hands of members and our local HBA’s.  The letter will be sent to the White House at the end of next week, so there is some urgency in alerting the broader membership.  I’ve included language that can be shared in this email, which includes a link to the letter and signature portal on  

Please join me with this important initiative, by not only sending this to your local HBA Leadership but also encouraging those leaders to get this to their respective members for signatures.  I appreciate everyone’s efforts in communicating this imperative request.     

We are more effective as an NAHB Federation and this is how we all can make a difference for ”our” housing industry! 

Take Action: Sign Letter to Biden Urging Quick Action to Avoid Housing Downturn

NAHB is increasingly concerned that the housing market is reaching an inflection point that threatens to derail the current housing and economic expansion. To send a strong message to the White House, all NAHB members are invited to sign a letter urging the Administration to keep housing at the forefront of our nation and address critical housing affordability issues. Visit to read and sign the letter. Share the link with other members to help NAHB demonstrate the strength of the Federation. 

Allen Drewes – Illinois State Rep 
5N765 Crane Road St Charles, Illinois 60175
630-927-0088 Direct 
[email protected]